BotAmiScan BotAmi's ready-to-use scanning SDK allows you to quickly add scanning abilities to your application with ease.
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An advanced image processing pipeline combined with a straightforward UX.
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Scan Everything
  • Auto detection & Auto Shot
  • Multi - page Scanning
  • Part recognition on Book
  • Noise reduction
Smart Crop
  • Auto Crop
  • User – friendly Design
  • Lightning Fast
  • Easy Manual Crop
Customize Yours Free!
  • Transform format(pdf, png, tiff, jpeg)
  • Variable Color Filter
  • Rotation
  • Using Marker on Image
Text recognition
  • Using OCR
  • Enhanced binarizing
  • High - quality
Upload & Share!
  • Cloud Service
  • Local document Folder
  • Auto - Upload
Botami Scan for iOS and Android